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Strong Tower Training was created as a way to reach those of you that struggle with finding  and building on your foundation - your "why", your purpose, and your confidence. It took me a long time to find my confidence. I had to find my "why" and build my foundation from the ground up. I found everything I never knew I needed when I started working out.
Strong Tower Training is a passion project I've created to offer the same experience of finding a love of building yourself up - strengthening your body and mind - showing you the potential you can reach when you have the right tools to help you get there.

 This programming will give you workouts that will challenge you mentally and physically, but ultimately will drive you to succeed. 

What Do I Get When Signing Up for Strong Tower Training?

-Workouts. Every week you get a set of  brand new workouts. These workouts are for any fitness level with the idea we get better physically and mentally. No matter your goals, I want to provide you the best opportunity possible for  you to win.

-Nutrition Guidance. It seems to be the struggle of most people I talk to. We all know we all take to food differently, so I will provide guidance from a certified nutritionist to lead you down the right path but not do the work for you.

-Accountability. We want to build a community here so that we can keep each other accountable. I will personally be reaching out to see how everyone is doing and giving you that positive reinforcement along the way.

-Supplementation. Supplying information and discounts on supplements that are able to aid to your lifestyle and fitness goals.