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| Shoulder Training Workout |

Warmup- Band Upright Rows 3x20

Rear Delt Raises- 4x10

Shoulder Press 5x8-10

Lateral Raises 4x15

Shoulder Concentrated Pushups 4x10

Don't negelct your shoulders! Training your shoulders is essential to how your body is shaped. Most people dont know that if your shoulders can widen just a little bit that can make your waist look smaller! Yea, I was shocked too, but there is also a negative connotation to have slightly wider shoulders, especially for women. We can look past that though. There is nothing wrong with having a strong, muscular build. Anyway, I digress. Ben goes through his daily workout in the video below and we have it posted above, if you have any questions about the movements feel free to comment below or email us

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